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Tips & Tricks


If you have had a mishap with your eyewear, you should leave the repair or re-adjustment to a professional. Due to his know-how and the use of the right tool, an optician can save you time and prevent further damage to your glasses. To avoid it coming to that, we have some useful tips and tricks for you here.

Daily cleaning

For the quick, occasional cleaning a clean microfibre cloth is suited best. Often used cloths contain dust and dirt, which may cause fine scratches on the glasses. The cleaning cloth should therefore be washed regularly at 40°C.

Thorough cleaning

Besides daily cleaning with a dry microfibre cloth, you should also wash your eyeglasses regularly under running, lukewarm water with a recommended cleaning agent to remove heavy staining. Do not only clean the glasses themselves but also the area around the nose bridge and the temples. Dry your eyewear afterwards with a smooth cloth. Should the grime be more stubborn, we will carry out the cleaning with ultrasound.

Wet wipes

Basically, be cautious to clean your glasses with wet wipes because they may contain solvents like spirit, benzine or alcohol. All such substances may lead to the permanent destruction of the anti-reflective coating. We also strongly advise you against washing your eyewear in the dish washer.


Always keep your eyewear in a solid and above all clean case. Also here, dust and other dirt particles can scratch the lenses. Your glasses will thank you for it and you will enjoy them for a long time.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are handy companions for every day, when handled incorrectly, though, they might not only break easily, but can also pose a health risk for the wearer. At the same time, they are quite easy to care for and use correctly. With these simple tips and tricks, you will be able to wear your lenses safely and enjoy them for a long time!

Insertion and removal

The most important thing when inserting and removing contact lenses is of course, clean hands. Otherwise, germs and dirt can get into the eye and cause infections. Larger particles between lens and eye can even cause injuries to the cornea. Some contact lens wearers prefer so-called contact lens suckers to put on and take off the lenses. Especially for people with long fingernails they can be a useful tool. These should be – like your hands – cleaned before each use. Additionally, the contact lens should be rinsed with saline solution before insertion.

Care and cleaning

For the care and cleaning of contact lenses there are so-called all-in-one systems and peroxide systems. The advantage of all-in-one systems is that they are easy to use, and the contact lenses can be applied immediately. Peroxide systems, on the other hand are more effective in cleaning and killing off pathogens. Many wearers of contact lenses shy away from peroxide systems because the solution must be neutralized for several hours before you can use your contact lenses. Otherwise, you risk stinging pain and even cauterization of the cornea when inserting the lenses. Used correctly, however, there is nothing to worry about, and it is highly recommended that you clean your contact lenses with peroxide solution at least once a week. For intermediate cleaning you can obviously use all-in-one systems. If you still have concerns about peroxide solutions, you can get a free instruction from us!


To guarantee hygienic storage of your contact lenses, you should empty the container, rinse with disinfectant, and let it air-dry afterwards, each time you insert your lenses. Only thus microbes will be killed off. After wearing you can refill your container with fresh care solution and deposit your contact lenses in it. When not using your contact lenses for a longer period, please still remember to change your care solution daily! What is usually forgotten, is to replace the container itself regularly. Ideally monthly, but every three months is also sufficient.