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Visual aids for children

I spy with my little eye!

Ametropia is not only a problem for adults, also many children suffer from it. Because of the increasing use of digital devices this tendency is increasing. Undiagnosed ametropia or eye diseases in childhood can progress and have vast consequences later in life. Therefore, it is important to have your child’s eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. Thus, problems for babies and toddlers can be identified and treated at an early stage.

Personal and competent for young and old

To respond optimally to the needs and wishes of your child, a detailed consultation is required. Thanks to our long-term experience, we are aware of the characteristics of the child’s eye and how to find the right visual aids for particularly young children in a playful way. We always take plenty of time for our big and small customers to find the best solution!

Uncool eyewear belongs to the past!

We do not only attach great importance to the improvement of your child’s eyesight, wearing convenience and looks also play a vital part. If they feel comfortable with their new glasses, they will wear them gladly and go through life with more self-confidence. Therefore, we combine functionality with a cool design!

Myopia Management for children

Apart from ordinary children’s glasses, we also offer novel glasses, that are equipped with a special technology to slow down the progression of myopia (short- sightedness) in children. The effectiveness of the innovative MiYOSMART glasses by Hoya is scientifically proven. If you like to learn more about them, we gladly invite you to a free of cost consultation.

Contact lens fitting for babies and children

If your child can’t be persuaded to wear glasses, or if contact lenses are the better choice for other reasons, this won’t be a problem at all. We would be happy to fit contact lenses and will also teach you and your child how to handle them correctly. In this way also children can wear contact lenses safely and benefit from their advantages!

One of our main areas of focus is the use of contact lenses for babies. There are diseases for which contact lenses are already recommended for infants. Usually these are well tolerated after a short adjustment period. We know that it may cause uneasiness with many parents and present a challenge for them. That’s why you will get a thorough introductory training on how to put on and take off the contact lenses, as well as helpful tips on how to care for them.

Health care insurance approval? It’s child’s play!

The time-consuming application for health care insurance approval will be done by us with pleasure! Save yourself time and errands to various locations, as well as the tedious task of filling out forms. We gladly take over such bureaucratic work for you to save your precious time. We don’t charge you any additional costs for that.