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Competent service at your optician!

As your trusted optician, we offer you the full-service scope, from consultancy up to completely individual manufacturing of your eyewear. Apart from the usual optician services, we are also specialized in visual aids for children and babies as well as special visual aids for seniors. Our top-trained team is always at your disposal for your wishes.


Finding the right glasses, respectively contact lenses is not easy, that’s why you should always consult an expert. We do not only take care of your pin sharp eyesight with your new glasses, but also make sure that you look good with your new eyewear. Our staff members have yearlong experience and a high degree of expertise, as well as a fine sense for fashion and style. It is very important to us, that our customers feel completely comfortable and enjoy wearing their glasses. Because extensive consultation takes longer, and we want to make sure that we have enough time for you, please arrange an appointment by telephone!

Eye test

Of course, we offer eye tests for you! For this purpose, we are fitted with a state-of-the art device, with which we can determine your dioptres more precisely than ever before: the Essilor Vision R-800 Phoropter. Only four opticians in Austria have this highly modern device at their disposal, which offers you the highest measuring reliability and precision. Based on the captured measurement data, we can then manufacture the appropriate glasses for you! Fix your appointment with us today!

Adjustments and repairs

In our in-house workshop we can carry out adaptations as well as repairs on lenses and frames. No matter if they should get smaller, bigger, rounder or more angular, or if the length of the temples should be adjusted, we are happy to carry out these and lots of other modifications for you. Small, simple fixes are dealt with immediately, more complex repairs or adjustments can also be done on-site, thanks to our modern equipment, but will take more time.  Of course, we replace wear parts and clean your glasses thoroughly with the aid of our ultrasonic device.

Individual eyewear production

Do you have difficulties finding glasses that really fit you? We have the solution! In cooperation with the company YouMawo we can offer you completely customized frames. After performing a precise face scan, we will send it to our partner YouMawo. Thereupon a prototype for your glasses is fabricated. This you can try on in our shop, where we can make additional adjustments. Afterwards your custom-made glasses are produced via 3D printing, and you will never again have to cope with ill-fitting eyewear! This is a perfect option for customers with congenital malformations or accident caused deformities.

The best: because we care a lot about inclusion, frames for children with a disability certificate are free of cost!

Better sight for young and old!

At young as well as at advanced age, special challenges can occur with the correction of ametropia. Because it is important for us to help customers of all age groups, we have dealt with these in depth.