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Magnifying visual aids and support for the elderly

Full perspective even at older age

Poor sight can hamper everyday chores at an advanced age. Eye diseases, such as presbyopia (age related long sightedness) or age-related macular degeneration can lead to problems when reading, writing, or watching television, despite wearing glasses or contact lenses. But that’s no reason for despair! We offer a wide range of various, special visual- and reading aids for seniors. Among them are reinforced reading glasses, magnifying glasses and loupes, electronic reading devices and several others, all of which can be optimized to your individual requirements. The right visual aid will improve your quality of life tremendously!

Only with the right diagnosis are we able to find the best possible visual aid for you. We will gladly take our time and will help you with both the selection and the usage. Although the correct handling of your visual aid is not complicated in itself, it should still be practiced so that you can benefit from it as long as possible. If you should decide to buy visual or reading aids, the costs will unfortunately not be fully covered by your health insurance. But it is possible to receive certain allowances. We are happy to help you applying for them.