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Contact lenses

Contact lenses: invisible helpers

With contact lenses as with eyeglasses, it is just as important to choose them according to your ametropia and your lifestyle. There are hard and soft lenses, annual lenses, daily lenses, colored lenses and now even contact lenses for people with astigmatism (corneal curvature). Our range only includes lenses from high-quality, trustworthy manufacturers plus appropriate accessories.

Contact lenses provide some advantages compared to glasses.

For example, they are better suited for highly active people, because eyeglasses often slide from the nose or fog over during sweaty activities, which increases the risk of injury. Besides, contact lenses reduce peripheral limitation of vision and often provide a more precise correction of the refractive error. Dehydration and lack of oxygen are also things of the past, thanks to modern silicon-hydrogel-lenses. If we have stirred your interest in contact lenses, you are welcome to get advice from us at any time!


To guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer only top-quality contact lenses from leading manufacturers.

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Better sight for young and old!

At young as well as at advanced age, special challenges can occur with the correction of ametropia. Because it is important for us to help customers of all age groups, we have dealt with these in depth.